Launcher Help

Unable to start Minecraft from the launcher or run into an error?
Below you can find common errors and how to fix them.

Failed to start Java Machine
Please make sure you are selecting the correct ram amount, if you do not know the amount you need please do not use the memory feature.

If you’re using a 32-bit OS you can only use ram below 2G (2048MB).
Also please make sure that you’re not trying to add more ram then you have available, example if you have 6GB of ram and try to use the 5GB option, you may not have that amount available due to other things on your computer using ram such as the OS, Skype, Steam ect.

Nothing starts when pressing the Launcher Minecraft Button
Please make sure you have Java7 installed on your computer. You can find the download links below.
32-bit Java: (Click the shiny red button)
64-bit Java: (Select the Windows Offline (64-bit) link)

Unable to allocate more than 1536M of ram when on a 64Bit OS
Please make sure you have the 64-bit version of Java7 installed. You can find the download link below.
64-bit Java: (Select the Windows Offline (64-bit) link)

I get a strange error about UUIDTypeAdapter when connecting to a server.
If your error looks a lot like this you can’t join that server.
You receive this error when you try to join a premium server. A premium is a server that is ran in Online mode which means you have to purchase Minecraft to play it. You can purchase Minecraft here.

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